I thought I did small stuff with the .44

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I thought I did small stuff with the .44

Postby 44man » 06 Aug 2017, 07:41

We went to the flea market and got some deals. 100 packs of CCI .22 mini mag HP's for $9, I got a box of Fed shot shells for my .22 smooth bore for $11. The gun store wants $21 for the CCI.
Joe got a set of Lee carbide dies for his .380, we have been picking up his brass.
I would need tweezers to handle those things. Now he wants a mold. I can't picture lubing and sizing. I taught him to cast so no problem making good ones, he does perfect.
He bought a Ruger LCP 2 or whatever for carry, nice little thing but some brands of ammo shoot left for us. PMC did best for practice loads. Fed shot left.
How many of you load for the little thing?

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Re: I thought I did small stuff with the .44

Postby johniv » 10 Aug 2017, 15:56

Nope, not me Jim. 38 spl. is the smallest I do. Some good loads and info over on castboolets. Some load for the small mouse guns, .32 and .25 , too small for me.

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Re: I thought I did small stuff with the .44

Postby WASATCH CHARLIE » 11 Aug 2017, 14:12

.38 SPL. is my smallest too. but then .32 and .25 cal. are ILLEGAL IN KANADA !!!!!!!! go figure,some liberal/democrate figured only criminals use them...
.38 .44. 45 and the ''big boomers are just fine though !!!
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