Thank you from La. (the good one)

Say hello! If you are allowed in, you should be GRATEFUL :)
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Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby 06faithful » 16 Sep 2016, 18:28

Thank you for letting me be a part of this. I hope at some point I will be of some use, but for now I will just read and find out what this site is all about. "He don't know what it's about!?" Yes folks, I joined because of Jay. Anytime I want to know about something, I Google-Fu it. Pros cons, right side wrong side, sideways, so I have an understanding to MY satisfaction. The 30-06 is one. A couple of years ago I found The Rifleman's Journal by German Salazar and that place was a wealth of information, for many things. As things go though, Mr. Salazar had taken it down. Nobody could find any of his articles online. People really want his primer comparison article...BAD. So, a couple of days ago, I figured I'd try and see if anyone had put any of Mr. Salazar's articles online and lo and behold "Triggernometry" ! Not just one article, but two! Presented by Mr. Jay Gibson. SWEET, save it, register. It was while I was waiting for approval, that I started reading and found that Mr. Gibson had passed, and was very much loved by the members of this board. So, that is where I'm starting, now that I can search, with every post he started or was involved in. So, I have a lot of reading to do, but I will chime in from time to time if I feel my opinion would be useful. Once again thank you for your acceptance. Chris

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Re: Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby Mountain dewd » 16 Sep 2016, 22:52

Welcome Chris!

I hope you really enjoy it here, feel free to enter any discussion you wish, we all love to talk.
Jay Gibson- 1966-2015. You will always be with us brother. Rest easy in Valhalla till we all meet up again.

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Re: Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby heck » 17 Sep 2016, 13:40

Welcome to this board. Jay was our leader and greatest contributor but there are some dedicated and knowledgeable people here. I've learned a lot from them.

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Re: Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby WASATCH CHARLIE » 17 Sep 2016, 15:57

Weicome CHRIS,.
So you like the 'o6 ... well that speaks, seems folks need the latest super double belted 250 grainer cartridge that goes almost 4000 fps. Its refreshing to find another hombre who knows an 06 is all the gun one needs... again, welcome .
WASATCH CHARLIE from the ''other'' big island.
General JAY GIBSON was my friend and always will be.
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Re: Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby daniellawecki » 17 Sep 2016, 22:27

Welcome to the camp fire Chris I shoot a ' 06 and old 760 GameMaster made by Remington. I think they were last made in the early to mid 90's

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Re: Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby johniv » 18 Sep 2016, 19:19

Welcome aboard Chris, good to have ya here.

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Re: Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby kwh » 21 Sep 2016, 09:55

Welcome Chris! Please feel free to dive right in,we all want to hear your opinion.

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Re: Thank you from La. (the good one)

Postby daniellawecki » 22 Sep 2017, 16:40

there are good people here so Welcome to our camp fire.

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