Shooting the BFR 45-70.

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Shooting the BFR 45-70.

Postby 44man » 29 Jun 2017, 08:14

It was off. Ultra Dot and I don't know why. Either a different lot of 4759 or a cast bullet change from sitting.
Red dots are a bitch to adjust, never can predict movement per click. I figure 1/4" at 50 but go too far every time.
Anyway recoil was more then usual. I got on at 100 and wanted to check my hunting bullet at 50. Half the nose is a softer lead. It took some time to get on and the last shot was perfect, 1" high on the center line. That setting should be good to 100.
I had some annealed cases for the BPCR to test, sad in a revolver, never anneal revolver brass. Now I need to cast and load. Might take a deer next season with it.

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